UIDW 10: Chevrons, Maps, and apple.com

UI Designer Weekly is back after our holiday break!

It's a pleasure to be back in your inbox. I have some plans to improve this newsletter by possibly recreating the website to emphasize super high resolution images and making other legibility improvements. If you have any requests, I'd love to hear from you.

I hope you're having a great week and find something inspiring here to mix into your work.


Chevrons Will Outlive Cockroaches

A now-timeless design where a row, with title and chevron, means you can find more waiting for you.

Just under and in a Bit

A simple caption style on Apple Newsroom. Clean and clear to read with a fresh download button on the opposite side.


Meet Me There

An updated layout in Maps on macOS makes it look easy. Don't miss the new button styles.

Context Menus Can Be Beautiful Too

Something quite nice about the organization of this Menu in Maps on macOS.

A Clever Video Design

This video element plays quick cuts of people working out in different environments and changes the text over the video with each new spot.


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