UIDW 15: Sir Jony Ive's CCA Commencement

Nothing this week (on vacation)

Hello! I hope you had a great week last week and, going into this one, are doing more than alright.

I was on a vacation this past week, road-tripping with a friend of mine through the National Parks in the South West of the US, so I don't have any Apple interfaces screenshotted this week to discuss.

I did want to send along this commencement address by Sir Jony Ive and this one screenshot I did take for last week's newsletter.

I hope you are able to take vacations and take breaks from your work. I had a full seven days away, which feels so short in the big picture of things but then also like such a high number when it comes to employees in the US taking breaks. Seriously though, now that I'm back, I can't overly express how refreshed I feel. My thoughts are quieter, I feel like I can think about things better, and overall I'm just going slower. I'm excited to slowly get back into things, but even today, I'm not planning on doing much.

Can't wait to send you another newsletter filled with what I find to be the excellent collective work of Apple design. Not to mention, WWDC around the corner!



Sir Jony Ive's 2021 CCA Commencement Honorary Doctorate Address


Colors and Titles, Clear

The color green used effectively on this confirmation screen in the Amazon app. For uses who are unable to see the color green here, the hierarchy of the typography helps as a backup to make it clear that the order was successful. This is perhaps a great example that we should make the moments in our designs when something “happens” really feel like something just happened and communicate the success by taking up all the space we might need.

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