UIDW 17: iOS Overlays


Welcome back to another issue of UI Designer Weekly!

WWDC is this upcoming Monday, June 7th. This is a great time to get some rest and get ready to take all the new stuff in.

This week is light! I wanted to feature this set of overlays that have been used more and more recently. Other than that, I hope you have a great weekend. See you next week for detailed coverage of WWDC 21.


A Bold Headline with Some Friends

A bold font is used above a lighter style in this Apple Pencil overlay. Displaying the battery icon in color makes it easy to get a little more information with each glance: is the battery full or running low?

The Gang’s All Here

A bright, clear menu of actions for the copy-and-paste family. This is a good example of showing actions anyway even when they can’t be done but showing them “greyed out”. This pattern can be traced back to macOS menus.

Nothing But Text

As simple as it gets in the bold style.

Helping People Get a Handle on It

Rounded rectangles with a little padding are used to indicate a “handle” area where a design can be dragged around.

A Small Hint

Another place rounded rectangles call out as “handles”.

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