UIDW 25: More iOS 15

Hello again!

Welcome back to another issue of UI Designer Weekly!

This week is all about iOS, so we'll be taking a look at designs that place buttons and actions in plain sight, helping people discover both what they can do and how they can do it.

You'll find more beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking examples of design in this week's issue that hopefully spark some new ideas and give you something you can mix into your own work. I hope you've had a chance to design something this week that you're proud of.

Thank you for joining me, have a great, restful weekend!

UI Designer Weekly

You're Already So Good at This

A big blue button and tappable suggestions in Shortcuts on iOS 15. Starting something new can be hard, especially when you're worried about making a wrong move at the beginning. Designs like this make starting much easier because your first move is sitting right there waiting for you.


Seeing Double Feels Good

Close buttons appear over every (beautiful) tab preview in Safari on iOS 15. As you go from tab to tab, there is always a close button there, ready to be tapped. Designs like this help common actions like closing a tab become so fast, so easy, and so without thinking that we never get stuck wondering how to do something.


The Dream Team of SF Symbol, Title, and Checkmark

An inspiring design for Tab Groups in Safari on iOS 15. All it takes to make a button is a title and a rounded rectangle. This design can be seen throughout iOS, from Settings to Safari, from Shortcuts to Share Sheets. If you can include these elegant interface objects (with a descriptive SF Symbol at the beginning and a checkmark at the end if something is selected), you can make your design relaxing and familiar at first sight.


The Same Interaction Does That Too

One more from Safari. From the last open tab, swiping over actually creates a new tab and fades it in slowly as you go. Even though there are other ways to create new tabs, this way is a natural extension of the interaction that makes going from tab to tab possible. Why shouldn't that same interaction let you go from tab to new tab?


It's Just Nice to See

The reminder, the date, the hashtags, and the images are all visible in iOS 15 Reminders. You can tap any image to open it quickly, without having to open the reminder itself. This is a great reminder that we can always look for ways to bring the most important information in our designs out and into easier to find places.


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